66.44 Instrumentos Electrónicos



Bibliografía Básica :

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  • Instrumentación Electrónica Moderna y Técnicas de Medición - W. D. Cooper-  Prentice Hall.
  • Applied Instrumentation and Measurements - David .Buchla
  • Mediciones Electrónicas-Terman y Petit. Ed. Arbó.
  • Recopilación de la cátedra de información técnica en la página de la materia

De la recopilación de la cátedra la lectura sugerida para el curso 3 es:

 \01 Lineas de transmisión



66.44 InstElect_Lineas.pdf

66.44 InstElect_Lineas.pptx


\02 Reflectometría

66.44 InstElect_Reflectometria.pdf

66.44 InstElect_Reflectometria.pptx

AN-1304-1 - Evaluating microstrips with TDR.pdf

AN-1304-2 - Time Domain Reflectometry Theory.pdf

AN-1304-3 - Microprobing with the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA.pdf

AN-1304-4 - Measuring characteristic Impedance of Short Rambus Motherboard.pdf

AN-1304-5 Improving TDR-TDT measurements using Normalization.pdf

AN-1304-7 - High Precision TDR.pdf

AN-1382-10 - 8 Hints for Debugging and validating high speed bus.pdf

AN-1400 - USB 2.0 Compliance testing.pdf

AN-1413 - Choosing the right tools for High Speed Bus.pdf

AN-1461 - Time Domain Response of InfiiMax Probes and Infiniium Oscilloscopes.pdf

INTEL - Controlled Impedance Design and Test.pdf

INTEL - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Test Methodology.pdf

Relationship between electromagnetic emission and signal integrity at high speed.pdf


\03 Puntas de Prueba

66.44 InstElect_Puntas.pptx

ABC of probes.pdf

AN-0152 - Probing in Perspective.PDF

high speed probing.pdf

P6042 - Current probe.PDF

P6046 - Differential Probe.PDF

Probing high frequency digital circuitry.pdf


\04 Osciloscopios

8 more hints for making better scope measurements.pdf

A digital designer guide to verifying signal integrity.pdf

AN-1382-03 Debugging USB 2.0 for Compliance It's not just a Digital World.pdf

AN-1400 USB 2.0 Compliance testing.pdf

AN-1446 Deep memory oscilloscopes.pdf

AN-1461 Time Domain Response of InfiiMax Probes and Infiniium Oscilloscopes.pdf


Diferential oscilloscope measurements.pdf


HP - Digitizing Oscilloscopes Basics.pdf

INTEL - How to measure RDRAM System Clock Jitter.pdf

Maintaining high bandwidth performance.pdf

Random Sampling  - A new way of fast pulse display.PDF

Sampling Oscilloscope Techniques.pdf

Sampling Oscilloscopes by Tektronix.pdf

The basics of serial data compliance and validation measurements.pdf

Trigger at a new level.pdf

XYZ of Oscilloscopes.pdf


\05 Contadores

4 Hints for Making Better MicroWave Counter Measurements.pdf

8 Hints for Making Better RF Counter Measurements.pdf

AN-0200-0 - Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters.pdf

AN-0200-1 - Fundamentals of Microwave Frequency Counters.pdf

AN-0200-2 - Fundamentals of Quartz Oscillators.pdf

AN-0200-3 - Fundamentals of Time Interval Measurements.pdf

AN-0200-4 - Understanding Frequency Counter Specifications.pdf

AN-1289 - The science of Timekeeping.pdf



\06 Voltímetro e Impedancímetro

AN-0077-1 Transistor Parameter Measurements.PDF

AN-0086 - Using the vector impedance meters.PDF

HP Journal - The RF Vector Voltemeter.pdf

HP Journal - Vector Impedance Analysis to 1000 Mhz.pdf



\07 Analizador de Espectro

AN-0150 - Spectrum Analisys Basics.pdf

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation

AN-0150-15 Vector Signal Analisys BAsics.pdf

AN-150-02 Pulsed RF.pdf

Fundamentals of Real Time Spectrum Analysis.pdf

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation\AN-150-1 - AM and FM Modulation.pdf

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation\Hp150-1a.mov

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation\Hp150-1b.mov

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation\Hp150-1c.mov

AN-0150-1 AM and FM Modulation\Hp150-1d.mov



\08 Analizador de Redes











AN-0095-1 - S Parameter Techniques

AN-0154 - S Parameter Design.pdf

Electronical vs. Mechanical Calibration Kits.pdf

AN-0095-1 - S Parameter Techniques\AN-95-1 - S Parameter Techniques.pdf

AN-0095-1 - S Parameter Techniques\An-95-1a.mov

AN-0095-1 - S Parameter Techniques\An-95-1b.mov


\09 Analizador Lógico

AN-1326 8 Hints for Solving Common Debugging Problems with your Logic Analyzer.pdf

AN-1501 6 Tips for Succesful Logic Analyzer Probing.pdf

AN-1559 How to measure Digital Baseband and IF Signals Using Logic Analyzers with Vector Signal Analysis Software.pdf



\10 ieee 488

IEEE 488.pdf



AN-1389-1 System cabling erros and DC Voltage measurement errors in Digital Multimeters.pdf

PCI Express Tools.pdf



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